Club Penguin Cutouts

Club Penguin Cutouts

Welcome to Club Penguin Cutouts! This website is updated every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Be sure to keep checking back for more updates! You can also read the blog section of Club Penguin Cutouts for weekly updates as well as new cutouts.

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About Club Penguin Cutouts

Since May 2011, Eninem and a team of talented individuals have created this website to provide viewers with Club Penguin’s latest, most high quality cutouts for graphic designers and penguins looking to be creative. In September 2014, Eninem handed the website for me to continue on with. If you have any other questions, feel free to send a tweet to @CutoutsSupport on Twitter, or send an email to Other questions can be answered on the FAQ page.

Download and Saving Cutouts

To ensure our viewers have the best cutouts, we have saved them as Portable Network Graphics (.PNG). PNG files are lossless, which means that these files do not lose quality during editing. PNG files also are great for supporting tons of detail, colors and transparency. However, PNG files can be very large.
You can save cutouts onto your computer. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Select your desired image. You will be redirected to a new page.
  2. Right click on the image and select Save Image As.
  3. At this point, you are free to rename and save the image to your desired location.

Download Cutouts

Would you like to download cutouts we have on certain pages? Below each page, we offer a list of packages ready to download. Here, we have our most popular downloads listed. To download a specific set, please visit a specific page. All you need to do is select the recent package, and it will begin downloading. Once you downloaded the package from Mediafire, use your archiving tool and extract the content. For Windows users, just click on the download in your downloads folder. It is a ZIP file – a bunch of images are stored in a giant folder called a ZIP. You can “unzip” the file and see all of the images. Then, you can move the giant folder of images into your images folder or into any location you desire.

Packages will update every month. We will notify our viewers when we upload a new package. This feature is not yet available; however, stay tuned because download packages will be available sometime in the near future.

Club Penguin Cutouts
Welcome to the all-new Club Penguin cutouts site, the number one place to get all of the best Club Penguin cutouts. This site is now under the Ferdthebird Network, a community created to provide Club Penguin users with only the best experience for Club Penguin codes, cheats, cutouts, guides, and more! You can view our download packages towards the middle of the website on the sidebar. Pages and galleries of cutouts will be available at the menu on the top of the site.

The blog section of Club Penguin Cutouts is where the new cutouts and new information is posted every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Most updates are posted on Thursday and Friday evenings. If you would like to visit the blog, you can do so by clicking here, or typing /blog after